Thumbnail website

The first real project I worked on was a website for the hairdresser Tiffanys Haarstudio. To gain more experience with creating websites, I volunteered to create this website for them. The website contains some general information including background information about their business, the products they use, a pricelist and some general contact information.

As they work on appointment basis, this website is just to get people familiar with their company or find some basic information they are looking for, like opening times or directions. It’s purely static.

The website is made in HTML5 and CSS. PHP is only used for automatic date insertion and page includes. The fading image slider on the homepage is created using jcobb‘s Basic Jquery Slider. The website does work fine on desktops but is not responsive. Ofcourse, nowadays this is a shame and won’t be appreciated. Maybe if I have some spare time left, I will make a responsive version of the website.