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A website which I still regularly maintain: StarkLinnemann is a group who create, as they describe self the best: “a style of their own by blending jazz- with elements of classical- and world music”. This website contains information about them and their albums, album previews, videos, past and upcoming events and contact information.

This site runs a lightweight CMS in the background so they can make small modifications without contacting me. On top of this CMS I created a simple but effective custom event-system, which allows for adding, editing and deleting events. This allows the events to be managed without any technical skill but keep the displaying of the events clean and ‘part of the site’, which can not often be found in a pre-made system.
Also this CMS doesn’t support a multilanguage website out-of-the-box, so I created a custom system for that as well.

The theme created for the CMS is custom to ensure compatibility with the systems I added on top of the CMS. The website is 100% responsive and should therefore work on most devices.