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Orange Pi GPIO pinouts

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Probably everyone who has an interest in single-board computers knows the Raspberry Pi. A slightly different and cheaper variant is the Orange Pi. This manufacturer has released many models of its Orange Pi boards so there is a model for almost every use case.

The downside of all of those models with their different chipsets and layouts, sometimes in combination with the lack of correct or complete documentation, is that it can be hard to find the pinouts for your particular model.

At least I experienced this inconvenience as I was doing research for my Orange Pi GPIO component for Home Assistant. As I was in the process of looking through every (major) model’s datasheet, I noticed there were so many differences between the models’ GPIO pinouts, it would be easier to create a pinout for every one of them, so I could easily identify the differences.

As I am sure at least somebody will find these useful as well, here they are. Probably not the prettiest pinouts you have ever seen, but really easy to make on my end.

H2+26-pin (R1, Zero)
H340-pin (Lite, One, PC, PC Plus, Plus 2E)
H526-pin (Zero Plus), 26-pin (Zero Plus 2), 40-pin (PC 2), 40-pin (Prime)
H626-pin (Lite 2, One Plus), 26-pin (PI 3)
A6440-pin (Win Plus)

Please note that in the schematics of every device with a H2+, H5 or H6, on pin 7, PWM1 is mentioned. However in the Allwinner datasheets for these chipsets, there is no mention of PWM1 anywhere. So I assumed PWM0 was meant here, which is on pin PA05. If there is a PWM1 in those chipsets and the Allwinner datasheets are incorrect, this PWM would probably be on pin PA06 just like it is on the H3.

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